Thanks for dropping by. I guess you could say it all started when I went to Rutgers University for Management Science and Information Systems along side Computer Science while working a side hustle building websites for my bands that I was playing drums in.

Quickly my life turned a corner when my band got signed to a major label and I ended up touring the world drumming for 7 years. Fast forward from there, I started an awesome record label. The past 10 years I spent managing some amazing bands at Crush Music.

That leads me to today where I’m back to fulfill my original dream of being a web developer. I’m a recent graduate of the Flatiron School Full-Stack Web Development Program and I’m ready to take on the future as an engineer to help contribute, lead, and dedicate myself to a team working on full-stack projects web applications.

When not behind a computer screen, I enjoy running my record label I Surrender Records and keeping up with my Bodega Cats of Instagram account that I run.

There's so much more to the story, shoot me over an email and lets chat!